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System Development
We are doing our best to develop the unique and practical systems which is meeting the client's request by our good footwork and careful aftercare.
Experienced engineer manages the development, installation and consultation of management. We can provide perfect development and management.

Our engineers have various experiences and knowlegde of programming language and tools, such as ASM, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, etc. They can answer whatever you want.

Your contact is everytime welcome. Please send fax or mail below. We are looking forward to your contact.

Our consultation makes your system installation effective and possible. Detailed system design is needed in order to meet your request and it has many solutions with the spread of Windows NT.
We can decide the best system environment, hardware and software and we believe it will gratify your request economically and functionally.

We have been appreciated by many clients because we can offer the newest information and high-quality technology. We believe the consultation is our first priority to system installation and development.

We will answer for operating after installation and maintenance, and provide the best advice. Extension and change of system will be easy because the experienced system engineer take care of your system.

May I help your international business?
English becomes most important language in the world with the spread of internet or borderless business scene. We can help your backstage business, that is translation.

If you have no time or manpower of translation, please contact us. We will make a high-quality documents, such as a professional specification, agreement, computer manual, flow chart, etc. English-Japanese, Japanese-English both available.

Not only English, we also have Russian, Chinese, Italian translator.
Please make the most of us.

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